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1. Online access to platform for information and training

Prior to starting the use of the IO4 model, the users are guided to the Q-SER online learning management system where they can follow training on three topics:

  • Introduction to multiculturalism and immigration

  • Diversity as a source of wealth

  • Intercultural communication: Moving towards mutual understanding


The initial training will serve to properly prepare the staff.


Activities involved:

  1. Having created usernames and passwords for the learning management system and having accessed it. In case of need, the user manual will be consulted.

  2. Accessing online communication tools that help set the training environment and the collaboration with professionals and mentors.

  3. Internal procedures to consider. Moving to the next point, the responsible person for the training and matching process should consider any internal procedures that might apply. These procedures can be legal, procedural, and departmental or else which may hinder the staff members accessing the training material when on work duty. When drafting the selection report and guidelines / checklist, a short introduction on processes needs to be included.


The training programme that is part of IO4 is comprised of three different OERs (Open Educational Resources) readily available on the system. The training material is complementary to the online training on the LMS and should be followed by the future mentors in order to better prepare themselves for their roles.