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4. Evaluation of mentoring / creation of good practices

The evaluation of the mentoring activities is of outmost importance as it provides impact, evaluation data, measurement of the activity results as well as creation of good practices that can be re-used and re-purposed within the organisation and the two models, IO3 and IO4.


For the Q-SER project, the evaluation of the mentoring can be done online or through a paper form. If online, the system should have the necessary tools to complete this task. In case of paper format, a template should be designed by the mentor in cooperation with the department manager and overall manager. In this way, the data collected will be processed into creating good practices, new application methods or areas, as well as identification of skills and competences needed to feed into IO3 curriculum and new content creation.

Download manual for step 4

1.Online evaluation forms

3.Input to Q&A section

2.Good practice templates for completion

4. Register on e-mentor database