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4. Mentoring training and OER development

As the organisation has designed and developed the infrastructure and contents of the training and workshop organisation, the people who would attend would be in the position to implement in their work, the scenarios taught. They can through their everyday activities, apply their new knowledge and skills to their work routine. The organisation should at this point design a mentoring process as a support structure to guide and provide for their employees. The mentor might differ from the actual trainer of the sessions, thus, a mentoring programme (training) should also be put in place. As this relates to IO3, the approach taken should be theoretical allowing for the development of a mentoring training programme, complete with description of units and modules. To measure impact and transferability in the organisation and the department, an evaluation process needs to be put in place.


The preparation involves:

1. Development of mentoring training programme

2. Development of specific training units following step 3

3. Development of evaluation process and procedure of training

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