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2. Recording of 5 working scenarios from selected department

Step 2 includes the design, development and collection of working scenarios to be used in the pilot session. This will aid the departments to work on a particular topic or issue identified and to reach the above stated aims and goals. Having explicitly described the aim, the selected department needs to also describe the topic at hand. One example that will be elaborated is “Communication with immigrants/foreigners in a Municipality’s kindergarden department”. Communication meaning handling most common requests by foreign parents and how kinder garden teachers deal with them. Scenarios of use will be drafted together with their respective templates to be used by teachers, department managers, and supervisors. The aim for a department is to organise a workshop where the scenarios of use will be worked upon, collection of results and workshop activity, report writing and creation of an FAQ section for future use.


Preparation by organisation:

1. Design of scenario template

2. Organisation of workshop with respective department

3. Develop info-kit for FAQ and Impact Model information

Download manual for step 2