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Strategic partnerships for adult education


March 2016 and Greece is living scenes taken from a horror movie. The regime in Skopje two weeks ago shut Idomeni border to all refugees, more than 13,000 people are stuck there, forced to live in filthy makeshift settlements. The route may be shut off, but the arrivals, sometimes hundreds every day, have not stopped.


Greece, a country already
feeling financial strain, is slowly becoming a huge refugee camp, with the refugees suffering. 46,207 refugees and migrants are currently in Greece (Ministry of Immigration Policy). Immigrants are essential partners in our quest to enhance prosperity and living standards and there are mutual benefits to be gained from successfully tackling the challenge of their integration.

There must be a shared acknowledgement, however, that integration is not always an easy task, and that effective solutions require more than just good policy – but also good governance. Preparatory measures have been realized for immigrants but no measures have been taken from the public employees’ point of view.


Our project focuses on the intercultural training of 100 municipality employees in various sectors in order to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to perform to the highest standards and serve the immigrants equally, according to their needs.

The project aims to create two interactive models integrated within an online system allowing the target audience to interact and learn. Pilot testing will be followed by job shadowing, dissemination events and actions. Finally, a learning activity will be realized in order to promote uptake of the models and system, thus, reach the needs’ addressed.


Municipality employees, public officials, NGOs, social enterprises and educational providers etc are targeted by Q-SER and we estimate that during the project’s lifecycle, approximately 11000 persons and organisations will be reached, through a comprehensive strategy using diverse channels to reach all levels involved.


A clear project methodology with tasks, activities, time plan and milestones is designed to allow:

a. implementation of tasks according to plan and quality criteria,

b. target group involvement and input,

c. promotion and raising awareness,

d. an underlying inclusive approach traceable to all activities,

e. reporting and meetings to

f. sustainability actions and transferability possibilities of results.


Diverse activities are envisaged ranging from the initial needs analysis, the design and development of the models, tools and whole Q-SER system and the underlining pedagogical approach (inclusive education, interactivity, decision based).

The strategy for dissemination and use plans is the key element for the partners’ activities and actions.


Multiplier events, seminars, webinars and 1 learning activity will be organized as part of the effort to involve target group members, with specific channels and methods for their selection and promotion.

Long term impact:

a. increase of public administration officials

for lifelong learning programmes, skills update – continuous training of culture into the working environment of public organizations.

b. increase of cooperation models through the educational process, necessary for the management of completed issues and special groups.

c. increased interactions with diverse groups within one’s environment thus, promoting equal opportunities, wellbeing, democratic value, proactive approach, active participation.

d. practical examples to stakeholders and educational providers on applying EU policies and priorities, and many more.

e. promotion of equality and tolerance to differences through the intercultural education.

f. improvement of the employees’ work performance.

g. provision of motivation for the research of ways for improvement / development of the working methods.